Yorkshire Bicycle Show 20 – 22 September

Beryl_Burton We are going to Yorkshire!
I was really pleased to have been asked by Sophie, Edward and Nathan at Restrap, to get together some content for the two days.
After a long, stinky but very fun Summer in London putting together this programme has been cycling soul food for Bike V Design.
Here are two jam packed days of talks and films celebrating the best of the best, the heart and soul of riding in this great county.
Have fun, we will!
FRIDAY Press and Trade View – 3pm – 6pm
Come and see all the great exhibitors, talk bike stuff, schmooze and all that.
Then to get us all inspired, go Cutters!
6-8PM Drinks & close
(Bad dancing, over sharing. What happens in Yorkshire stays in Yorkshire – standard!)
Fitting, geometry, maintenance, materials, techniques, craftsmanship, artisans, designers: bike design at its very best.
Whether you are buying a new bike, commissioning a bespoke build or just want to get the most out of your riding the bike needs to fit. Sam Streeton of York Cycle Works talks you through getting the best fit, offering tips on what the latest in design technology can bring to your ride.
A series of film shorts showcasing some of the best bike shops around and bike maintenance tutorials
2PM – Ted James and Keith Noronha (Reynolds)

ted's bikeTed and Keith talk Steel. The benefits and properties and why steel is real! What is the appeal for frame builders and riders alike. Ted will be showing his 953 Reynolds bike, which aside from being one of the finest bikes I have ever seen (have you seen all the pirate details!) is one of the best examples of what steel can do in the right hands.

3PM Phil Taylor (Bespoked Bristol) and Ricky Feather

best Phil and Ricky will talk about what makes a the perfect bike. Recent years have seen a renaissance in bespoke bike building. What makes the perfect build, the craftsmanship and artistry involved and what does it take to win that ‘Best in Show’ rosette.

4PM Ted James, Ricky Feather and Andrew Denham (The BicycleAcademy)

The Frame builders’ Open Demo

bicycle academyTwo of the best frame builders in the UK and tutor and designer Andrew give a unique demonstration of what goes on in their workshops. What is brazing? Know your Tig from your Fillet? And how do they get those lugs looking quite so fine? The Bicycle Academy run the best framebuilding courses in the country, come and see it for yourself.


A 30 minute documentary film about riding fixed gear bikes in beautiful Bristol. The film shows the diverse cross section of riders and asks why ride bikes with no gears in a city full of hills. It also shines a light on the community and camaraderie that comes with the simple joy of riding bicycles.

5.30PM Screening Life Cycles

life cyclesA spectacular story of the bike, from its creation to its eventual demise. A visually stunning journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses 4k Ultra HD to document the many stories surrounding the mountain bike and its culture. Kindly donated by the filmakers.


Touring, Racing, Road, Trails. Today we will be speaking riders from all disciplines about why they ride, what they want, what they’ve broken, what they’ve seen and who they’ve beaten.

12PM – Emily Chappell

Keen blogger and the voice behind “That Messenger Chick”, this determined rider has countless stories to tell. Ex London cycle courier Emily takes us on a tour of her epic round the world trip.

1PM – The world of cycling for women

Juliet Elliot, Jenni Gwiazdowski, Emily Chappel, Alice Marsh,


It’s a great time to be a woman in cycling with more women than ever getting on bikes. But there is still a way to go. Is it just a case of getting more women more confident on the roads and with more maintenance skills or do we need the women’s Tour to lead the way? With the huge changes in the culture of cycling where does the industry stand? We will be chatting about the realities of riding professionally, the daily commute, advertising, sponsorship and sisterhood.

 2PM – Chris Akrigg

chris akriggThis world famous Yorkshire man is the definition of versatile, riding everything from mountain bikes to fixed. Chris will be showing his films and taking questions from the audience. Get insights as to what it is like to ride at a professional level, the training involved, the determination needed to recover from injuries and the best places to ride. Yes he drinks tea, yes he has mad skills.


“Love on Two Wheels”: Justine Potter and Charlie Burton

Beryl-Burton-4Maxine Peake’s radio play A Love Story on Two Wheels documented the story and achievements of Beryl Burton’s career. Justine Potter (producer of the play) and Beryl’s husband Charlie talk about researching and writing the story. Beryl’s record-breaking a result of talent, unyielding determination to succeed coupled with devoted support from her husband. Delve into the life of one of Britain’s most decorated athletes.

4PM – Mike Hall

mike hallEndurance/adventure cyclist from Harrogate originally who last year broke the record for cycling around the world and this June won the Tour Divide, a mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico in the fastest ever time speaks about these achievements.

5PM Screening  – Lucas Brunelle’s Line of Sight

Lucas teams up with Benny Zenga to produce a film that takes it to another level. From the vantage point of his custom helmet-cam his footage serves as insight into the best urban riders in the world. Now Benny Zenga turns the camera back on Lucas Brunelle to bring a new dimension to this rare talent and ‘international man of mystery’. Thank you Lucas.


Richard William Wheater is an artist with a passion for glass and neon, and uses them to discuss our relationship with the natural environment. (Yes that is as cool as it sounds) He also runs Wakefield’s Neon Workshops, where they exhibit the finest neon art from around the world and run the UKs only neon sculpture courses. Burning Fat, originally commissioned for the Eden Project in 2007, brings together salvaged bikes, dynamos and neon.

Richard Wheater's installation Burning Fat at the Edeb project.


See you there!


Become One…

Yes…IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make Bike V Design happen.

Exactly a year ago, hundreds of you came with your bikes to the Design Museum for the first ever Bike V Design

Bike V Design image

Since then we have managed to do some amazing events all over London, Impetus Momenta at Soutbank, V&A Friday Late, Spin LDN at Truman Brewery.

Over the last year I’ve met so many awesome people, who have given time, energy and hard work to make Bike V Design happen and keep on oning.  More than that we’ve had fricking amazing times and have done some amazing things! I’ve laughed so much I cried my mascara off, danced all night, raced and ridden hard and generally got to muck around on bikes in amazing places all in the name of culture! Thank you for believing in it and making it happen!

This Summer has been amazing and Bike V Design has been having a bit of a holiday

Riding to the seaside….

photo (10)BBQs with friends…

alexeiand hanging out in parks.


But we have been working hard and in a couple of weeks we are going national with the Yorkshire Bicycle Show in Leeds!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this one! I’ll be posting the full line up vvvsoon and hopefully see you then.

Thank you again and let’s keep on going till the bear breaks!

Special thanks to

Steven Preston, Michael Czerwinski, Bob Peacock, Mark Bloom, Andy Ellis, Ted James, Ruth Lie, Alex Daw, Oliver Griffin, Jason Forde, Matti Hemmings, Johann Chan, James White, 1WM crew, George Marshall, James Greig, Bob Haro, Alice Allart, Ty Francis, Stuart Kay, JW, Patrick Seabase, Leanne Parker, Angus and George, Jack Thurston, Cosmic bike Polo, Nick Larsen, Andrew Denham, Jenni Gwiazdowski, Juliet Elliot, Boneshaker Mag, Andrew and Phillip Diprose, The Albion, Ricky Feather, Mathew Sowter, Ben Spurrier, Sam Alison, Ben Wilson, Gavin Bell, Laura Fletcher, Karta Healy, Six, Phil Sharp, 5th Floor, Tom Donhou, Nick, Jools and James from Vulpine, Tom Whalley, Josh Cox, Shennol Shaddou, Howard McAlpine, Tristan, Stewart Evans, Barney Grainger, Anthony Lau, Marco Zappalorto, David Preshaah, Gerry Newton, Paulo Cotrim, everyone a Bikeworks, XXXX and that’s not even half of you! xx big love!

…where’s my cake!



Thank you to Spin LDN for putting on a great show and a massive thank you for all you very kind comments.

On Sunday Bike V Design put on a couple of events covering bike theft and what design solutions are available. Here are our tips and recommendations from the day’s events

We had a great panel discussion with Titus Halliwell – Cycle Task Force MET Police, Anthony Lau – Cycle Hoop, Ayantika – Atomic 22, Marco Zappalorto – Nesta ‘Hands off my bike project’, Robert Graves Morris – Stolen Ride,

Bike theft is a huge issue, especially in London. This problem is exacerbated by a lack of secure and well designed bike parking, over stretched police and an incoherent approach to the problem.  Whilst there are some exciting new developments with tracking and registration systems these do not serve as a deterrent for thieves and raise a lot of issues. Logistically – How they are monitored, who is going to act on the information, how it will help you get your bike back. Technically – how it is activated, where the tracking device will be concealed on the bike, how long the signal will last and how precise the location is (i.e. in a block of flats?).

Bike V Design recommend a rounded approach to Bike Security.

Record, Register and Report – follow the MET’s advice. Photograph and register your bike so if it goes you have all the information you need. Report the theft to the police, you never know.

Lock it to something well designed and strong – Hopefully TFL, councils and businesses will be investing in more good quality cycle parking.


Secure your saddles and components – bike thieves know about bikes. Even if you have locked your bike very securely this will not stop thieves stripping your bike or even, in some cases, cutting through the frame to get to the components.

There are no rules – it doesn’t matter if it’s a rubbish old bike or worth thousands, if it isn’t secured it can get stolen.

LOCK test demonstration

There is a huge range of different locks available, and a huge range of tools available for thieves to break them with


Many of the cable locks available can be cut easily with a pair of CK cutters


photo (23)

We focused the demonstration on a range of D locks. D locks are the strongest type of lock available but you really do get what you pay for. So armed with two strong Bikeworks mechanics and a 2m long scaffolding pole we put a range of locks to the test.

test 2

Sold Secure rate these locks Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The first round were Bronze and Silver rated locks from the main suppliers Kryptonite, Abus and On Guard – these were all ‘popped’ in under two minutes.

photo (22)Some did significantly better but

lock testing

Bikeworks mechanics are pretty hench

and when you add a third!

All 3

Even the toughest started to go including this silver rated Abus


The OnGuard Pitbull STD U-Lock took so many attempts we actually thought we might have to angle grind it just to get it off the railing.


The new Strongman locks from Knog surprised us the most. Not only do they look really nice but we couldn’t break them.


So our advice is to go for at least a gold rated lock (like the yellow and red Kryptonite range)


We did have some chains to test but unfortunately the bolt cutters provided were too blunt and after one of the mechanics (rather dramatically – but yes he’s fine!) cut his hand we had to leave that bit of the testing for another day.


Thank you very much for coming along!

Bikeworks have two shops in London. If you have any questions or would like any advice on bike security then please just pop in and ask one of the mechanics!

Bike V Design @SpinLDN

If you are going to go to anything this Bank Holiday go to SpinLDN_large


matti Spin LDN

While most us have hibernated, eaten too much porridge and begrudgingly ridden through ice, snow, rain and everything else this hellishly long winter has thrown at us; Alex Daw and his team have been putting together an amazing event celebrating Urban Bike Culture.

Not satisfied with exhibiting an amazing selection of the best of London’s bike culture he has also put together a fantastic schedule of films, talks, music and events and parties!

Bike V Design was very kindly asked to contribute

Urban riding is a mine of culture, design, innovation and evolution. SpinLDN will be representing the finest parts of this, but it is literally just scratching the surface. The city provides an ever changing landscape for riders whether commuters, couriers, polo players or BMXers. I very much hope that SpinLDN becomes a regular festival!

Held at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane it is the perfect setting. For Spin LDN Bike V Design has tried to stay true to this location and will be putting on some talks and demos that look at the bike culture of Brick Lane.

There are so many great people and things to see




Truman resident, Designer, Frame Builder, Rider, and the individual who has single handedly managed to lose more bicycles in East London than any person ever should. Ted James

Johann Chan (Emer) will be chatting with Ted about riding, building and BMX in London.


So… you have spent the last year lusting over, saving up for, managing to source and finally building the bike (obviously still some work to do, ongoing project, like) of your dreams.

Are you going to lock it outside the pub?


Really, really?

Like that?

and your bike got nicked ..bloody hipsters pay attention!!!

Bike V Design will guide you through the latest products, innovations, solutions and advice to  stop your bike getting nicked!

1pm- Bike Theft  Q&A

I will be joined by Bikeworks mechanics with expert experience and knowledge on bike security.

bikeworks stack

We will be looking at the best products available from pretty design fails to the dirty but effective.

Design vs tools, knowledge, force and determination. What’s appealing on the black market and when you should have known better.

2pm Urban Bike Crime – discussion

I’ll be joined by a panel of experts to talk over the possible design solutions covering everything from the latest deterrents to intelligent street parking. Will technology fight the cause with registration and tracking systems, or will it be social media or even the MET?


Titus Halliwell – Cycle Task Force MET Police,

Anthony Lau – Cycle Hoop,

Ayantika – Atomic 22,

Marco Zappalorto – Nesta ‘Hands off my bike project’,

Robert Graves Morris – Stolen Ride,

Alice Marsh – Bike v Design

bike park4pm TESTING

A lot of chat is all very well but what really works?

We will be testing a selection of bike locks and security items available.

We have developed an very scientific process

Level 1 – Street test

Standard tool kit – 32 inch cutters and scaffolding pole max 2m


Level 2 – Try every means possible till you smash it or give up.

Advanced tools – 42 inch cutters, 8 point ‘picky’ tool, sledge hammer.

photo (13)

YES there is bike parking and even on the spot Dr Bike from Bikeworks!

Looking forward to it!

See you there!!!

photo (3)

savesbank just off press

SAVE SOUTHBANK Festival is also this weekend so go to both!)

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat at the V&A


Image by Supermundane aka Rob Lowe

FRIDAY LATE: Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat

TOMORROW Friday 29 March

Bike V Design is delighted to collaborate with the V&A on this event.

A massive thank you to Ruth Lie at the V&A who has organized everything and made the whole evening happen.

Here is the full line up and what we are looking forward to. We really hope that you have a great night and help us celebrate the wonderful world of bike culture!

All events are FREE and places designated on a first come, first served basis, unless stated otherwise.


Tom Whalley
18.30 – 22.00
Tom loves, bikes, records and chess. As producer of The Huey Show on BBC 6Music we are super excited to hear what Tom has pulled out from his vast vault of vinyl! I got chatting to Tom after he kindly let me play one of my favorite Betty Davis tracks on Huey’s vinyl fetish feature.

Hoxton Radio Cyclr Show
18.30 – 22.00
David Preshaah and Gerry Newton do a fantastic radio show featuring the best that London’s bike culture has to offer. David and Gerry will be recording live from the event and playing a mix of new indie, punk and classic rock. I managed to grab lunch with Gerry to chat over Bikes, Design, the V&A and the Cyclr’s plans to grow even bigger this Spring!

19.30 & 20.30
For those that came to the first Bike V Design, you will have seen them in action. Tomorrow they will be performing a two team battle! Hell Yes! One Wheel Motion bike crew meet regularly at their local West Norwood spot to get together, hangout and most importantly, ride. Basically these guys are all kinds of awesome!


Discover the diversity of cycle culture as you tour through the Museum and pass by a series of curated stands:

Ted James Design
18.30 – 22.00
Ted James, aka Super Ted is a London legend and a lovely guy. Ted spoke about his designs at our Impetus Momenta event at the Southbank in December. He designs and builds custom and specialist bicycles, including a beautiful one he made for his mum. Check out this, a customised ESB frame for *Dface (collaboration with 14BikeCo) and a bike built for Vans. Alongside demonstrations and photography, get a real feel for what a bicycle framebuilder’s workshop is like. Ted will also be showing other bikes at Bespoked Bristol in a couple of weeks

Indian Bicycle Shop
18.30 – 22.00
This is a great project (with some lovely branding too!). The Indian Bicycle Shop imports roadsters from India – a recognizably British design made by Raleigh and Philips in the 1920s. Celebrate the bicycle’s influence on everyday life in India through a display of historical and contemporary design modifications. Test out the huge buffalo leather saddles and have your photo taken on one of these traditional Indian bicycles. I know I want one of their Punjabi Flyers!

18.30 – 22.00
Vulpine epitomize everything that is amazing in cycling culture at the moment. As well as producing great clothes they organize Fetes, have a great team of people (including dog), they eat a lot of porridge and cake, their tweets are funny and they actually care about stuff. Visit Vulpine’s visual library of cycling ephemera to find out what inspires them when creating technical cycling apparel with a classic British tailoring twist. Draw from books on British design and cycling, the bikes Vulpine ride, and their musical influences to start a conversation and record your favorite rides and destinations. It wouldn’t be a party without them!

Look Mum No Hands! and Eliza Southwood
18.30 – 22.00
Home from home and the unofficial office/ meeting room for every freelancer in the London bike world. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you, or your wonderful coffee! Sample expertly crafted coffee courtesy of Look Mum No Hands! and create your own coffee peleton with artist and illustrator Eliza Southwood.

Boneshaker Magazine
18.30 – 22.00
Boneshaker is a fantastic perfect-bound, ad-free quarterly celebrating bicycles and the people who ride them. The publication features stories from around the world exploring the wonderful things that happen when people and bikes come together. Take a look at work by artists who have contributed to Boneshaker to date, and admire a selection of handpicked framed prints as well as copies of the magazine to thumb through. Mike will be chatting more about Boneshaker and other stuff in the Bike V Graphic Design talk.

Velo Venture
18.30 – 22.00
Grab a Barclays bike or jump on your own, and discover the hidden gems of Albertopolis through the eyes of Alice Lobb and Ruby Baker. Which designer was greatly influenced by the Islamic tiles he saw at the Museum? Can you find the statue of a famous eternal youth that the Lost Boys lived with? Follow the trail of clues as drawn by illustrator Alix Bigois-Jeambrun’s to find the answers.


Bike V Graphic Design
19.00 – 20.00
I love Graphic Design. I love print. Whether it’s a limited edition silk screen print or the smell of ink in a new book or magazine, I’m also partial to a nice bit of branding, a beautiful website and still get far too excited about stickers! Team this with my passion for bikes and I’m very happy, and it seems I’m not alone! Come and hear us discuss the rich and beautiful world of graphic design that surrounds bikes, from handcrafted headbadges to beautiful publications and illustrations. Speakers include Andrew Diprose (The Ride Journal), James Greig (Cycle Love), Tom Donhou (framebuilder) and Mike White (Boneshaker Magazine). The talk will be in the stunning National Art Library – we couldn’t ask for a better spot!

Bicycle Cultures: A Secret History (1869 – 2013) 
20.30 – 21.30
If you do not know Jack Thurston’s bike show on Resonance  you should! It is an amazing show covering everything in the world of cycling. We are delighted to have lured him back to the big smoke for the evening. Taking a wide view of the history of the bicycle in Britain, writer and broadcaster Jack Thurston presents a selective and secret history of the bicycle, with the help of a small cast of experts including Tim Dawson, cycling columnist for the Sunday Times, artist Ruth Beale and Patrick Field from London School of Cycling. And if you are planning a ride in the country this Summer be sure to get a copy of Jack’s book!

*Please note coats and bags are not permitted in the Library. Please leave these items in the cloakroom on the ground floor.


Portraits by George Marshall
18.30 – 22.00
Chatting to George you very quickly realise how incredibly busy he is. He is constantly travelling the globe on shoots for magazines like the Cyclist, Privateer and the Albion (which he is also Associate Editor) He is also the Rapha blog photographer. George’s ongoing series of medium format cycling portraits will be projected throughout the evening. Keep an eye out for the most recent additions – V&A staff and their bicycles sited within the Museum, which can also be found on the Rapha blog.

Bicycle Taxidermy
18.30 – 22.00
Seek out RCA graduate Regan Appleton’s guerrilla installations throughout the Museum. Salvaging long discarded bikes from the dust and rubble, he turns them into family heirlooms – a nod to the bizarre habit of stuffing ones pet. Pick up a trail designed by Mireia Corcoles to find out more.


Bobbin Bicycles Drawing Studio
19.00, 20.00 & 21.00 (duration 30 minutes)
Bobbin Bicycles owners Sian Emmison and Tom Morris, together with special guests from The Old Bicycle Showroom invite you to unlock the mysteries of the bicycle using traditional life drawing techniques.

Make Your Mark
18.30 – 22.00
We are really looking forward to seeing Edinburgh-based illustrator and designer Rebecca J Kaye produce a specially-commissioned print inspired by the bicycle and designed for the event to take away and keep. With a love for simplicity and colour, bicycles and the outdoors, Rebecca creates limited edition screen prints with a cycling theme. She also has a rather lovely bike!

And if all that wasn’t enough there will be a selection of fantastic films on show too!
Wheels and Reels

Sculpture, Rooms 17–20 & bottom of Ceramics Staircase
18.30 – 22.00
Discover moments of bicycle inspired magic in video and sound, featuring:
Nowness, a film by United Visual Artists (UVA); Cyclotrope by Tim Wheatley; Bicycle by Camille Durand Rivalefeaturing artist Ugo Gattoni; Bicycle built for Two Thousand by Aaron Koblin; Sonar by Renaud Hallee; Lemonade by Ill-Studio with DJ Erol Alkan and Boys Noize Records, and Golden Tree by Martin Brooks andNinian Doff.

Electric Pedals
19.00 – 21.00
Earn your place by pedalling to power ‘Cool Unicorn Bruv’, a short film by Ninian Doff.

Bicycle Thieves
19.30 (duration 93 minutes)
Bicycle Thieves (1948) tells the story of a poor father searching post-World War II Rome for his stolen bicycle.

Bicycle Film Festival
19.00, 20.00 & 21.00 (duration 45 minutes)
Watch a specially commissioned reel of bicycle inspired films selected by the Bicycle Film Festival.

Oh yeah and this dude is showing some of his stuff there too!

Lets do this thing!


Bike V Graphic Design @V&A Friday Late

As part of Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat at the V&A on Friday we will be hosting a panel discussion and general chat looking into the relationship between bikes and graphic design.bike-v-graphic-design

The talk starts at 7pm in the beautiful National Art Library…

national art library

What is the appeal of bikes for Graphic Designers?

Is it that the bike represents an endless obsessive project of tinkering and tweeking in search of the perfect balance of form, function and aesthetics?


We will be looking at the wonderful world of Graphic Design that has surrounded and reflected bicycle culture and design from the very beginning.

On the bikes themselves.

From the hundreds of different bicycle manufactures embellishing their bikes with beautiful enamel head badges



dface-14-bike-co-esb-utility-bike-03and how this has influenced a new wave of artisan builders, showcased in a couple of weeks at Bespoked Bristol.

Whether as part of a custom build


paint finish,


combinations of parts and accessories


or decals and stickers


graphics have provided an excellent opportunity for customization and self expression.


With more and more graphic designers going nuts for their bikes we are now literally surrounded by an awesome array of bike related blogs, prints and ephemera,

LMNHTo accompany every sub culture, trend and new type of cycling there has been a publication.

Riders just love mags! Things have come a long way from the first days of ‘the Comic’ and underground zine Moving Target


In an age when ‘Print is Dead’ the world of bike mags has never been bigger. There is a new breed of beautiful publications including Rouleur, Albion, Boneshaker, Ride Journal…magazines that are designed to be collected and coveted.

rob haro

Ride 7 SecCover FIN NEW.inddBoneshakerMag_BS11_02So come and hear us chat about the best this world has to offer.

Why we love it, where it’s all going and why we do it!

Bike V Design – Alice Marsh 

The Ride – Andrew Diprose

Boneshaker – Mike White

Cycle Love – James Greig

Donhou Bikes – Tom Donhou

And as there is far too much exciting stuff to talk about in the lead up to the talk we will be tweeting pics of different beautiful things…just because we want to.

So please feel free to get involved

Friday Late at the V&A and Bike V Graphic Design

We are really pleased to have been asked to collaborate on the Friday Late at the V&A on 29 March.

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat, an evening for everybody who knows that the bicycle is much more than just a mode of transport

For one night only the V&A will be filled with talks, installations  workshops and demos celebrating the rich varied world of bicycle culture.

The evening will showcase new Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Fashion inspired by the bicycle. You’ll be able to get involved with workshops, digital projects and top tips from bike mechanics and riders. We will be discussing the impact of more and more people cycling on society , culture and the urban enviroment. There will be great music, lots to do and see ….and yes there will be amazing demonstrations from a fantastic selection of riders! All this in one of the most stunning buildings in London!

The future is now…and no we won’t be mentioning the L word!

tomorrow's world

To coincide with the event we are also producing our next publication. Bike V Graphic Design.

Why are Graphic Designers so obsessed with their bikes? In the digital age why do we still covert our favorite bike magazine? Are bikes just an excuse for us to carry on our childhood infatuations with stickers, head badges and decals? ….or are bikes just another way the obsessive Graphic Designer can tinker away endlessly in the eternal pursuit of perfection?

If you would like to get involved please send a link to your work to alice@bikevdesign.cc