A bike is a very simple thing, 2 wheels, frame, pedals, chain, handlebars…. the rest is just awesome!

There are so many different types of bike, so many types of riding, so many different types of rider. Why not bring them all together for one big night when we can all just meet talk and have a massive geek off (and party!).

On 7th Sept we have invited riders, frame builders and designers from as many types of riding and racing to come to the museum and talk us and their peers through their bikes. Why they built their bikes that way and what they can and want to achieve. Really the evening is as simple as that but with music, films from the Bicycle Film Festival and maybe a drink and definitively some dancing.

We are confined to space so no ramps or bomberdromes this time but we do have live demos from Alice Allart (circus trick cyclist), Matti Hemmings, Jason Forde and more BMX flatlanders. There will also be talks from frame building projects Push and Bicycle Academy, Cosmic bike polo team, London Bike Kitchen. There will be bike parking from Cycle hoop and lots of bike chat…


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