Flatland BMX

Probably one of the most exciting things going on at Bike V Design is the BMX Flatland demo and ‘battle’.

Faced with the problems of limited space and other restrictions how do you put together a bike event in a museum and actually get some riding in?

I met some flatland riders last Summer in Brighton and managed to persuade them to get involved (Oliver Griffin also helped organize the Copeland Art book market earlier this year http://www.songallery.co.uk/Copeland-Book-Market-1).

As soon as the event was announced I got in touch with Matti Hemmings


and Jason Forde



before Matti disappeared on the Olympic torch relay for the Summer they came to the Design Museum with Johann Chan for a quick photo shoot…



Since then there has been a great response and loads of riders are involved but special thanks to Matti, Jay, Johann, Jonny at Flat Squirrel, Effraim at Flatmatters and all the encouragement and support from Bob Haro.


Hope you enjoy the show!


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