Bike V Design

Friday 7 September we hosted Bike V Design at Design Museum.

Covering four floors, events ranged from live BMX flatland demos to in-depth interviews with our numerous guests and speakers, recorded by Jack Thurston (The Bike Show – Resonance FM). Bullion kindly produced this short edit of the evening

Our biggest challenge was how best to present all our content in the few hours we had available. We spread the activities throughout the museum and although it was impossible to see everything in the space of a single night, hopefully everyone would be able to catch enough.

This was the line-up:

Top Floor – Pop-up cinema courtesy of the Bicycle Film Festival

1.5 Gallery and event space – Jack Thurston recorded a series of interviews that will be available soon as podcasts on The Bike Show from Resonance FM.

Interviewees: Cosmic Bike Polo, The London Bike Kitchen, the Bicycle Academy and Nick Larsen from Charge

Designed to Win exhibition space – A series of riders talked through the design of their bikes:

Andy Ellis – Fixed Mag, Peter Piper – 5th Floor, Ben Spurrier – Condor Cycles, Sam Alison- Singular Cycles, Gavin Bell, Juliet Elliot – Charge and Coven Mag

Riverside Hall – A selection of designers and builders talked about their bike designs:

Karta Healy – Two n Fro, Jacqui Shannon – Tweed Run, Phil White – Cervelo, Ben Wilson – Ben Wilson Designs and Matthew Sowter and Ricky Feather – Push Project

Live demonstrations

Karta Healy – Bicycle Library bus and bike fleet

Cycle Hoop – Bike parking

Alice Allart – Circus Trick Cycling

Flatland BMX – Matti Hemmings, Jason Forde, Johann Chan, Oliver Griffin and many more.

It felt crazy at times, especially when everyone descended upon the venue all at once, but it was all worth it in the end. Next year we plan to hold Bike V Design at a larger venue, and give visitors more time to experience everything we’ll have on show.

Lots of people were nervous about speaking publicly – in some cases for the very first time – but you all did a wonderful job. Apologies to Jack Thurston for (literally) grabbing him as he came through the door and throwing him into a packed room with barely a minute to spare – and anyone else I pushed, cajoled and nagged into doing something…you were all fantastic.

Just after we had manged to get the first lot of speakers in place and going on all floors, I came outside to see the bmxers going full pelt to a hugely receptive audience. It was then that I knew it was going to be a really special evening.

Thank you again…you are all officially all kinds of awesome. Biggest thanks go to Steven Preston you are the brains behind team Bike V Design and Michael Czerwinski who made the magic happen!

Tweet of the night: “@OliverJCraig: Bikes, design, and filthy dubstep @DesignMuseum #awesome


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