Bike v Design – #bikewednesday

I’ve been asked quite a lot about #bikewednesday and how we got so many people involved in  Bike V Design…so here you go.

Steven and I knew there would be massive demand for an event like this but it was really a last minute day trip to Bespoked Bristol that made us realise how many people wanted to get involved.

If you didn’t make it down…make sure you do next year. Not only was it freakishly fantastic weather the bikes were beautiful! We met everyone from Tim March to Dario Pegoretti (‘Aliche not only are you beautiful but now I realise you are terribly important too’…charmer).

Everyone we spoke to was excited about the event and wanted to get involved.

The biggest challenge then was how to keep people excited and engaged in an event that wasn’t for months.

Bike V Design came about through twitter, or to be more precise the Design Museum (Michael and Lacey) letting Steven and me take over every Wednesday afternoon blasting its 615,000 followers with all things bike.

Armed with an archive of vintage pictures and a loose theme each week, normally about things we were up to, we started the weekly take over #bikewednesday

Cargo bikes when I was moving house…

Faceplants after Lucy crashed…

BMX in the Olympics….

…you get the idea

Some weeks it did feel a bit like I was just tweeting at Steven but it got more and more people involved with updates and other news.

But what we really wanted was something a bit more solid to get everyone locked in.

Love graphic design…love bikes! So with Six and amazing portraits by Phil Sharp we did the publication.


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