(The Impulsion of Momentum) 

A Bike V Design and Fixed Magazine Event

6 December

Festival Village Southbank Centre

Tickets £19 via

An evening of talks, demonstrations and exclusive screenings presenting the history of Fixed Gear. The ethos of riding a fixed gear bike, its evolution and the surrounding culture.

‘Whether it is riding in the congested streets of a city, endlessly through the vast openness in the middle of nowhere or ascending and descending mountains. To us the Fixed gear bike is the most important form of transport ever devised.’

 ‘Perfected in its inception, balanced in its form / function, and once you have mastered riding a fixed gear bike, you feel at one with this form of transport more than any other machine ever invented.’


Andy Ellis (Fixedgearlondon & Fixed Magazine

Patrick Seabase (Brascona)

Tyron Francis (The Foot Down)


Ted James (tedjamesdesign

Fixed Magazine is an exploration of fixed gear culture, amazing photography and heartfelt stories. It is also available to download as a PDF from the Fixed Magazine website from the day that it is released.

The evening will be held on 6 December at the Festival Village located in the under croft of the Southbank Centre. The space provides the perfect backdrop, set in the heartland of urban cycling in the capital.

Photographic & Fixed gear bike Gallery

 Film screening Premier:

Seabase Vs Galibier by Patrick Seabase

 Film screening:

Asmawa roadtrip by Patrick Seabase

Download Hi Res Impetus Momenta flyers HERE


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