Southbank Centre

The venue for Impetus Momenta was the iconic Southbank. The undercroft skatepark has been a riding and skating spot for decades. The Festival Village is the Southbank’s venue located in the heart of the undercroft where many riders started out back in the day..

Rollin Through the Decades a film by Winstan Whitter documents the ever changing scene at the Southbank

Images from Winstan Whitter carl shipman by nick hamilton

Carl Shipman by Nick Hamiltoncorin casey ben wheeler

Ben Wheeler by Kevin CaseyOllie Haycraft by Ian Boarden

Ollie Haycraft by Ian Boardenwinstan Whitter by simon casey

Winstan Whitter by Simon Casey

Here are some more Southbank images from Paul Calver (shoot for Huck Magazine)


sb1 sb2 sb 8sb3 sb4 sb5 sb6 sb9


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