2012 Round Up

In short 2012 has officially been all kinds of awesome!

We produced the Bike V Design publication designed by Six which featured the amazing portraits from Phil Sharp (Flatland BMX rider – Jason Forde pictured below) and was commissioned by the Design Museum Shop.


We held our first Bike V Design event at the beginning of September at the Design Museum. We then went all independent and got a fantastic logo marque and identity from Mash Creative. In December we held Impetus Momenta – History and culture of Fixed Gear Bikes at the Southbank Centre.

2012 was not only the year cycling became mainstream but it also opened up a culturally diverse world covering everything from sport, design, art and photography to the rest of the world with London at the center of it all!!! 2012 spawned a huge range of social enterprises, community programs, new businesses and loads of beautiful bikes and accessories. Here are some of our favorite bits of the year!

Oh the Summer! Yes there was the Tour, then the Olympics and when it seemed that LMNH had become the epicenter of London…and yes it was that exciting!

and E.T. became REAL!

bmx olympics

It was a great year for BMX, and as massive Graphic Design geeks and lovers of bikes we were spoilt rotten with an amazing selection of periodicals both online and in print (Coven, Fixed, Boneshaker). But the best periodical of the year has to go to the Albion.


With consistently awesome photography and uncompromising articles they manage regularly to produce one of the best publications available, and it’s free and it’s now available to download AND they have limited edition prints (Tim Leighton Boyce’s above) AND stickers! if that’s not amazing then we don’t know what is!

A VERY close second has to go to the amazing Ride Journal. The Ride has beautiful artwork, photography and interviews covering all areas and experiences of cycling.


We are still coveting the signed first edition we got to flick through at the Christmas Vulpine Fete!

With even the big publishers churning out some great books like this Cinelli beast from Rizzoli the two best publications for the year had to be this beauty from No Brow

and the wonderful celebration of British framebuilding Made in England

Spring kicked off with the fantastic Bespoked Bristol showcasing the best framebuilders and bikes available. This included my two favorite frame builders with what turned out to be my absolute favorite two bikes of the year.

Tim March’s TubalCain and Ted James‘ 29Gnar (photo by Greg)


Disagree? Well really that was the beauty of 2012. One of the best things that we saw in cycling was the amount of riders who rather than buying a bike from a large chain were now getting their perfect bespoke bike built. More riders than ever now had the confidence to get involved. Investing in their bikes and the design process and helping support more and more independent bike shops BLB, Tokyo, Mosquito, Cloud 9, 14BikeCo.to name but a few.

Couldn’t afford a bespoke bike built to spec? No problem with bike shops like Bikeworks, London Bike Kitchen, Bicycle Academy offering a wide range of mechanic, maintenance and frame building courses anyone can now learn to do it themselves. We could all now get our bike geek on and It was now OK to talk titanium dropouts at parties!

The truly wonderful thing about bike design (especially in the UK) is the inclusiveness. Any new developments from any discipline of cycling can cross over to help the rider achieve what they want. 2012 saw the world of Bike Polo smash onto courts around the country. With no official brands or design specs we saw some amazing bikes evolving out of the sport and individual rider’s skills….go Cosmic!


A big part of producing the new sociably acceptable face of cycling has been the developments in cycling clothing. No longer do you have to rock up to meetings looking either like a Lycra freak or dorky outdoor activities instructor. 2012 saw the Levi commuter jeans, Ally Capelino and Carradice bags and even BLB does H&M!

The best brand for 2012 has to be the awesome Vulpine who have not only made great affordable stylish cycling clothes but also organize wonderful events and frankly look set to do even more amazing things in the future! Also Road Rags are looking pretty good too.

Blogs!!! So so many and really too many to mention but best new comer has to be Cycle Love. Great content, wonderful photography, really nice stuff…oh and the branding!!! Gorgeous!


So a freakishly big huge massive THANK YOU to everybody who helped Bike V Design in 2012…far too many of you to mention, it’s been emotional!

All we can say is that next year is looking amazing with more events including – a Spring event (details soon), and specific events on Trick Cycling, Racing and Kids bikes.

We are also planning the publications Bike V Graphic Design (taking submissions now!) and Bike V Urban Design.

At Bike V Design we believe that there is a bike out there for everyone…so go build it!

Have a wonderful New Year!!! XXX

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