Friday Late at the V&A and Bike V Graphic Design

We are really pleased to have been asked to collaborate on the Friday Late at the V&A on 29 March.

Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat, an evening for everybody who knows that the bicycle is much more than just a mode of transport

For one night only the V&A will be filled with talks, installations  workshops and demos celebrating the rich varied world of bicycle culture.

The evening will showcase new Art, Graphic Design, Photography and Fashion inspired by the bicycle. You’ll be able to get involved with workshops, digital projects and top tips from bike mechanics and riders. We will be discussing the impact of more and more people cycling on society , culture and the urban enviroment. There will be great music, lots to do and see ….and yes there will be amazing demonstrations from a fantastic selection of riders! All this in one of the most stunning buildings in London!

The future is now…and no we won’t be mentioning the L word!

tomorrow's world

To coincide with the event we are also producing our next publication. Bike V Graphic Design.

Why are Graphic Designers so obsessed with their bikes? In the digital age why do we still covert our favorite bike magazine? Are bikes just an excuse for us to carry on our childhood infatuations with stickers, head badges and decals? ….or are bikes just another way the obsessive Graphic Designer can tinker away endlessly in the eternal pursuit of perfection?

If you would like to get involved please send a link to your work to



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