Bike V Graphic Design @V&A Friday Late

As part of Eat, Ride, Sleep, Repeat at the V&A on Friday we will be hosting a panel discussion and general chat looking into the relationship between bikes and graphic

The talk starts at 7pm in the beautiful National Art Library…

national art library

What is the appeal of bikes for Graphic Designers?

Is it that the bike represents an endless obsessive project of tinkering and tweeking in search of the perfect balance of form, function and aesthetics?


We will be looking at the wonderful world of Graphic Design that has surrounded and reflected bicycle culture and design from the very beginning.

On the bikes themselves.

From the hundreds of different bicycle manufactures embellishing their bikes with beautiful enamel head badges



dface-14-bike-co-esb-utility-bike-03and how this has influenced a new wave of artisan builders, showcased in a couple of weeks at Bespoked Bristol.

Whether as part of a custom build


paint finish,


combinations of parts and accessories


or decals and stickers


graphics have provided an excellent opportunity for customization and self expression.


With more and more graphic designers going nuts for their bikes we are now literally surrounded by an awesome array of bike related blogs, prints and ephemera,

LMNHTo accompany every sub culture, trend and new type of cycling there has been a publication.

Riders just love mags! Things have come a long way from the first days of ‘the Comic’ and underground zine Moving Target


In an age when ‘Print is Dead’ the world of bike mags has never been bigger. There is a new breed of beautiful publications including Rouleur, Albion, Boneshaker, Ride Journal…magazines that are designed to be collected and coveted.

rob haro

Ride 7 SecCover FIN NEW.inddBoneshakerMag_BS11_02So come and hear us chat about the best this world has to offer.

Why we love it, where it’s all going and why we do it!

Bike V Design – Alice Marsh 

The Ride – Andrew Diprose

Boneshaker – Mike White

Cycle Love – James Greig

Donhou Bikes – Tom Donhou

And as there is far too much exciting stuff to talk about in the lead up to the talk we will be tweeting pics of different beautiful things…just because we want to.

So please feel free to get involved


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