Become One…

Yes…IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make Bike V Design happen.

Exactly a year ago, hundreds of you came with your bikes to the Design Museum for the first ever Bike V Design

Bike V Design image

Since then we have managed to do some amazing events all over London, Impetus Momenta at Soutbank, V&A Friday Late, Spin LDN at Truman Brewery.

Over the last year I’ve met so many awesome people, who have given time, energy and hard work to make Bike V Design happen and keep on oning.  More than that we’ve had fricking amazing times and have done some amazing things! I’ve laughed so much I cried my mascara off, danced all night, raced and ridden hard and generally got to muck around on bikes in amazing places all in the name of culture! Thank you for believing in it and making it happen!

This Summer has been amazing and Bike V Design has been having a bit of a holiday

Riding to the seaside….

photo (10)BBQs with friends…

alexeiand hanging out in parks.


But we have been working hard and in a couple of weeks we are going national with the Yorkshire Bicycle Show in Leeds!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this one! I’ll be posting the full line up vvvsoon and hopefully see you then.

Thank you again and let’s keep on going till the bear breaks!

Special thanks to

Steven Preston, Michael Czerwinski, Bob Peacock, Mark Bloom, Andy Ellis, Ted James, Ruth Lie, Alex Daw, Oliver Griffin, Jason Forde, Matti Hemmings, Johann Chan, James White, 1WM crew, George Marshall, James Greig, Bob Haro, Alice Allart, Ty Francis, Stuart Kay, JW, Patrick Seabase, Leanne Parker, Angus and George, Jack Thurston, Cosmic bike Polo, Nick Larsen, Andrew Denham, Jenni Gwiazdowski, Juliet Elliot, Boneshaker Mag, Andrew and Phillip Diprose, The Albion, Ricky Feather, Mathew Sowter, Ben Spurrier, Sam Alison, Ben Wilson, Gavin Bell, Laura Fletcher, Karta Healy, Six, Phil Sharp, 5th Floor, Tom Donhou, Nick, Jools and James from Vulpine, Tom Whalley, Josh Cox, Shennol Shaddou, Howard McAlpine, Tristan, Stewart Evans, Barney Grainger, Anthony Lau, Marco Zappalorto, David Preshaah, Gerry Newton, Paulo Cotrim, everyone a Bikeworks, XXXX and that’s not even half of you! xx big love!

…where’s my cake!



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